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Search .mp3, download (whoops)!


It is simply  google made easy! Search and get ’em while you can


Ubuntu Fiest Fawn – beta preview

So far it is my favourite OS, best said the best distro I like. Enjoyed, ease of use!

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dhiraagu planing for Fiber To Home, Hulhumale 8th wonder of the third world

mr. easa fulhu is going to hulhumale friday to meet his son who is won a flat there. hulhumale is a very large island. it is larger than india and sometimes larger than russia. hulhumale is mostly populated by tamarind trees, very big flies and not too many people. and it has best services in country. particularly prayer services that can be offered in the beautiful mosque, Hulhumale’ Mosque. the aim of the hulhumale project is to make maldives bigger than the african continent a now phase 2

easa fulhu has tea with his son in flat. and walks to fery. at fery big stampede and big smell. some passengers are already swiming in the sea hoping to catch the ferry first (ferry is actualy a bastard version of fishing boat [traditional] ). here mr. easa fulhu sufocates and dies. the first person to catch ferry first wins a trip for two to Bangkok. well done, hulhumale.

today dhiraagu is instlling Fiber to home. this is very useful because still half the population and more is not having proper sewage system and human feces for drinking water.

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Me Haces Falta Jennifer Lopez

What else?!

JLo said it all…

I like the chorus!

If you do not know the meaning, use google translator, spanish to english.



Ahora si te hecho de menos
Ahora que si me lo creo
Me duele vivir y pensar que elegi
en vez del cielo el infierno

Que si se extranan tus besos
Que si me muero por dentro
Me alejo de ti hacia la obscuridad
y en el fango me encuentro

La verdad estoy mal
El sufrir, es gritar

Si me haces falta
Tu me haces falta
Si te recuerdo, te extrano, te siento en el alma

Si me haces falta
Tu me haces falta
Si me arrepiento, me odio, estoy desesperada

Desesperada, estoy aqui desesperada
Ahora si te hecho de menos
Ahora si estoy hecha menos
Ahora si puedo sentir toda la soledad
que tanto y tanta?? da miedo

Que si te extrano te pienso
Que si el dolor es intenso
El sobrevivir de la batalla final
Es cruzar el desierto

La verdad, estoy mal
El sufrir, es gritar

[Coro x2]

My ISP, Raajje’ Online

There are so many things we are not thankful for, I am no exception. Really.

Unlike many around me, I am enjoying internet speed, considerably faster! Well, at least it is said to be so. 512k/Bs. My ISP (internet service provider) is ROL To measure the speed of it, I ain’t no geek, nor I am a computer nerd. Just the average. Now, having said that it is 512k/Bs I expected my download speed to be really “512”. But it is not to be.

Like many I download, from anime’s to mp3s to movies. Be it Prison Break episodes or American Idol Episodes to Spiderman movie! First day or two, I was getting a good speed! µTorrent speed showed me I was having 60k/Bs. Thrilled, happy and excited.

A week later, my torrent speed started showing me, 8 to 9K/Bs. Whatta drop!! To my surprise I rang ROL and took this issue to their attention. Checked if its something with my computer or the cable. Or could it be that the torrent I’m trying to download is low in seeds? Nop, its not. Here is what I did, went straight to ROL’s Support Page. Started downloading the first file listed there, a Navini Setup file. Not a bit I was surprised, my ISP is controlling my torrent traffic. Because I was getting a mere 62.2KBS. That in my view if I am not wrong is full 512 between me and my ISP.

Like I said, when I took this issue to ROL, they told me “nothing is blocked”. “No restrictions”. Called them several times, because its obvious that I do not wish that my torrent traffic to be controlled that way and for them to tell me its not?! Later they told me they are “working on a problem”. I expected it to be better in days.

In fact, it hasn’t. So I met this guy who happens to be the one who is applying the restrictions and told him about it. Surprise Surprise, he did give me a solution! which I bet is the best one they have. They offered me a a free TorrentFlux WOW!! WOW!! Perhaps the guy did not know, I had ttorrent for sometime and I still have my account active. Where I download my torrent to their server and download the file via http or ftp. It indeed is not good. Not good at all, while I’d be expecting it to be a real “512”.

To this day its never fixed and I know they’d never fix it. Rather if one wants to download anything, they’d suggest you to buy an account from Rapidshare or buy an account from ttorrent. Its the easiest of all solutions.

ROL has this tendency to “restrict” and “restrict” at the same time they are the cheapest offer available here, compared to Dhiraagu. But I have learned. I have learned that the old saying “cheap things no good, good things no cheap” is true, certainly.

Well done folks!