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Monthly Archives: September 2007

define special…

Tell me, how do you define Special? This is quite touchy, and it got a place from this utterly usless blog too. But hey the photo is not utterly useless. That is just a perfect shot and caption. Lucky Bugger huh?

— from k u, Someone’s Vincent(?)

Here is the caption

Thank you for making me feel SO very special, while I was just simply being me.
Hehe… since I’ve met you been out of Credit! But oh, my Inbox is filled with endless Diamonds and Emeralds… just Priceless and Timeless!
That’s what you are… Priceless at heart and everything you do are Timeless.
A Gem. I’m glad I have stumbled upon you on the way — for you are the rarest kind.

Miss you… but remember, “You Are Not Alone.”


the chat…age gap relationship

It is a funny period. As young women they dreamed of bagging a sugardaddy with a fat bank balance. A friend of mine had a lengthy chat with me (not you) about the age gap relationships. My answer, yes, age gap relationships can and do work. The issue is not necessarily the ages of the couple, but how they are willing to deal with important issues such as their motives for being together, their goals in life and how they feel about having or not having children. As long as their relationship is based on a solid foundation, rather than a fleeting fancy, they will be successful in their marriage.

I said fleeting fancy! As with any relationship, do you have things in common with your significant other? It does not matter if you are identical in age and are from the same town, you may still be incompatible.  You do not have to agree on every issue. After all, you are not a couple of clones of one another. But you should have things in common that will help to bind you to one another. Examples of this would include the same faith, standards and morals. Understand each other an be honest, is what I meant here. Rather than bringing the moon and the stars for her/him. You know, usual stuff.

Build the trust and be honest. Be very honest. Thats the foundation, I believe.

End of the chat, I was told “you are just have a better thinking power than me”. I may be. I may be not.

Good Night.

searching for…

Its been a while I have logged in to this page to change something. To write something to be specific.

Maybe the photography thing too me by a storm. Some say that I just found what I am truly good at. Heck! no, I have not fallen to such words (someone told me not to fall) I bet its a good advice, after all they are all words. Funny thing is, I do not expect anything from anyone, however their words inspire me. Which way I go?

So many things happened. Been on a trip to F.Mulak and Addu atoll with some friends. Was a good getaway I must say. To be away from all there is! in the gardens! Some of the photos I have already uploaded. Others I keep in my folder called Memories. Got loads of ’em.

To, those who asked me “write often” I will. Need to pursue! something! One calls it setting traps, however I do not agree totally that it is traps. That person must be crazy to say that.

So long