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Monthly Archives: August 2012

@tckokko: @sharaff @thasmeen not only that 36 million dollars dhakan eba oi Aanmu company aka.thameen geykaari muzahaara ves kuriyenun.


@hashimex: @munsiruu @sharaff kufuruvumun mulhi dhuniyeyn 1 vana dho

@tckokko: RT @munsiruu: @sharaff when asked abt coni rprt last night on a vtv prgrm imran said its true as much as quran. do u have video??

@shams31101979: RT @sharaff: When Afrasheem asked us to seek prayer through the dead…he ignored its a sin to… So ye, #MvOneNationMyAss

September 01, 2012 at 02:32AM

@aththaman12: RT @salvine: @sharaff The moment I realized tht I am going to miss prez Anni’s speech I was comforted when u came to my mind. You are awesome! Thanks!!!