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Monthly Archives: September 2012

sharaff: Adobe edge web fonts ?? now what are they?


sharaff: kobaaaihayyyy

sharaff: @JenniferAishath welcome back

sharaff: @GraveBone case won 100%. I am with TEAM fellow. O&O lawyer Azima Shakoor even asked them to stop fighting for labor rights.

sharaff: @GraveBone O&O is ready to pay if they are willing to drop the “back to their employee” clause. TEAM not willing to do that.

sharaff: Next is Conrad staff case.

sharaff: 3 years later 9 employees from one & only reethi rah resort who were relieved from their duty illegally,won the case. Each is paid a million

sharaff: City of Toronto Workers Destroy Free Community Food Garden Amid Growing Food Crisis http://t.co/1zkZEKcY

sharaff: @HusenEman is that marcelo or @jinahadam.

sharaff: RT @kula_yellow: BREAKING: Hulhumaley Court in HEP Nasheed ge macchah dhauvaa kuran fonu veema nubeleyn kama buni Gaazee Thulusdhoo Cou …