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Monthly Archives: November 2012

sharaff: @AbdulAbdulhamyd want to keep up? Use some proper English and don’t try to flex your muscles here. It doesn’t work @mydanm @Inthihaabu


sharaff: @AbdulAbdulhamyd Fuck MDP. And who the fuck are you @mydanm @Inthihaabu

sharaff: @ibrahimshoppe true story

sharaff: @ibrahimshoppe https://t.co/NOhhfIGu small boy

sharaff: Did you know, imran was a teacher, he was caught while peeping a gifili? A little boy saw, imran fled. That’s how dheenee he is.

sharaff: GMR Indian staff gets death threat text messages. A Maldivian in India gets stabbed. http://t.co/bN9P5pzb

sharaff: @alhanfahmy Hey when are you going to start your slandering of nasheed? @IbrahimInad

sharaff: A Maldivian stabbed in India?

sharaff: So, Athama Indian restaurant gonna close down too? All Indian businesses are out eh?

sharaff: @AminathSaeed pee