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Monthly Archives: August 2013

@ShImranAb: ” Kulhudhufushee MDP meiygadu luhigen jumhooree party aa gulhijje. Madhuvegen kulhudhufusheege 65% jumhooree gulhumah libeyne inshaa Allah. — Imran (@ShImranAb) August 31, 2013 “

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@IbrahimNoordeen: ” @afunos @sharaff Yaanis, I am Sabra’s father and very proud to be. If and when we support, direct deposits. Andeen will support ideology. — Ibrahim Noordeen (@IbrahimNoordeen) August 31, 2013 “

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@M_Hameedh: ” 7/9 is not just about electing a people’s government. It also presents the police service an opportunity to restore public trust in it. — Mohamed Hameed (@M_Hameedh) August 31, 2013 “

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@nautymatox: ” #BREAKING: Paradise Island Resort ge Cashier inn MVR 4Mil nagaigen Miadhuvanee #Fuvahmulaku ah Gengossa I confirm — Nauty 4 RN (@nautymatox) August 31, 2013 “

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@NzRv: ” Sheikh Ilyas spewed hate to Dr. Abdul Majeed Bari and Dr. Fayyaz on VTV moments ago. Sheiks has muddled religion to a bondibaiy gandu. — NzRv 4 4 (@NzRv) August 31, 2013 “

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@evattey: ” @MoosaWaseem so I know you’ll never vote for Gasim.You wouldn’t vote for Yameen.You’d rather chop your right hand off before voting Waheed. — Eva Abdulla 4 MN (@evattey) August 31, 2013 “

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@AdduHaanee: ” Goodbye tree http://t.co/MV3rtu8ZvG Looks like they has cut it down pic.twitter.com/nIpusT5way :/ Maldives, what is wrong with you?! — AdduHaanee (@AdduHaanee) August 31, 2013 “

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@lawbeone: ” Last night i had a great 1 minute with RN he gave a funny answer abt providing banana n milk to students — RN 4 Law Be One (@lawbeone) August 31, 2013 “

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@HassanLatheef: ” I received 3 phone calls of non MDP members after watching #KalhuAngaara. Said they want to meet P.Nasheed n guarantee their votes to him. — Hassan Latheef (@HassanLatheef) August 31, 2013 “

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@sangoaru: ” @sharaff haa haa : ) ministry of coup salhi ingey — Sangoaru 4 MN (@sangoaru) August 30, 2013 “

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