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@schamau: ” Thank you all fr the support and trust. Now enjoying tea with @azoobloodlust pic.twitter.com/yWbNKouWGr — Shamau T09 (@schamau) November 30, 2013 “

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@Raajje_tv: ” Brigadier General Shamaal aa Sifainge ithuru iss dhe officer aku sifainge vazeefa in vakikoffi. — RaajjeTV (@Raajje_tv) November 30, 2013 “

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Full cuppa


@IAManic: ” @PresYameen since ur a fan of #singapore.pls adopt its quota policy 4 car ownership #Maldives doesnt need cars.but uv failed w ur motorcade — IAM (@IAManic) November 28, 2013 “

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@Velezinee: ” It’s absurd to claim no majority for failures in #Majlis where no attempts were made by minority to uphold Constitution – Issue of Judiciary — Aishath Velezinee (@Velezinee) November 29, 2013 “

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@sofwath: ” new office of bandu kohtta fahmy pic.twitter.com/qffw9MEKxn — Sofwathullah Mohamed (@sofwath) November 29, 2013 “

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@Velezinee: ” If MP @MariyaDidi share the view two of us shud sit in #Majlis she wud not contest Machchangolhi Uthuru. A veteran, she has options I don’t. — Aishath Velezinee (@Velezinee) November 27, 2013 “

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@n3m6: ” We elected a bunch of small-time crooks to government, because couldn’t deal with idiosyncratic views on religion. #KaamineeRaajje — Abdulla Faraz (@n3m6) November 28, 2013 “

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@afsal_afey: ” no confidence vote nagaa iru membarun bandhu nukurevey ne kamah bunaa maadhaa ves baathil kamah supreme court in kada alahaifi — Mohamed Afsal (@afsal_afey) November 28, 2013 “

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@Raajje_tv: ” Insaanun beynun kuran kamunudhaa kamah sihhee officialun lafaa dheefaivaathee 2000 case beer nahthaalaifi pic.twitter.com/icoKUsPjjS — RaajjeTV (@Raajje_tv) November 28, 2013 “

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