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@Velezinee: ” Qawm tharaqqee vaanee @mundhu_maldives tharaqqee vegen. Umurun 40 aharu ga ves kulhenee #HelloKitty hedhumuga! http://ift.tt/1jCg6co — Aishath Velezinee (@Velezinee) February 27, 2014 “

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@tonyfernandes: ” Maldives has very reasonably priced hotels according to our cfo Andrew littledale. He’s tight so if he goes must be reasonable. — Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes) February 27, 2014 “

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@tonyfernandes: ” Airasia will take over airasia x route and continue route to Maldives. Gave away Nagoya and Chennai ticket. Who wants to go to maldives — Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes) February 27, 2014 “

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@Gizmodo: ” Tour the opulent, evacuated McMansions of Ukraine’s fallen leaders http://t.co/XsXjDDOWHL http://ift.tt/1kcEQYm — Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) February 25, 2014 “

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@flying_bubbl3: ” Judiciary reform ah gaumattakai dheenattakai #Thas 23 itthihad ai ekee kurevvi jihad! It ended up as a “coup” though http://ift.tt/1eeRw0c — Flying Bubble (@flying_bubbl3) February 25, 2014 “

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A living memory, a collective identity woven of many stories


@haveeru: ” jabir maafushee jala laifi http://t.co/iwu2GbFFFB http://ift.tt/1gMfTmt — Haveeru (@haveeru) February 20, 2014 “

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@haveeru: ” Fuvahmulaku airport ga furathama faharah reygandu flight eh jassaifi. http://t.co/686CHNqC4R http://ift.tt/1eaMWeU — Haveeru (@haveeru) February 20, 2014 “

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@n3m6: ” By not accepting a bribe, the Judge was breaking Judge’s ‘sulookee mingadu’ apparently. http://ift.tt/1cUcBIZ — Abdulla Faraz (@n3m6) February 18, 2014 “

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@ZaheenaR: ” Any criticism of Supreme Court verdicts/orders even speaking of difficulties in implementation of SC guidelines deemed contempt of court — Zaheena Rasheed (@ZaheenaR) February 17, 2014 “

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