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@murdead: ” Mohamed Yameen Abdullah Nasheed — ŚHØRTĒŠT§TRÂW (@murdead) November 29, 2014 “

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@alirazzan: ” BREAKING; Adheeb edhigen, MACL in Supreme court ge fadiyaarunah hiley VIP airport in hamajassaifi. http://ift.tt/11Z5QHH — Ali Razzan (@alirazzan) November 27, 2014 “

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@evattey: ” Economic Comm- Govt MPs reject my ammendment to Tourism Act proposing all revenue from Green Tax be spent on environment friendly projects. — Eva Abdulla (@evattey) November 27, 2014 “

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@ZaheenaR: ” @YaminRasheed Why did you vote for Hassan Ziyath? How is this upholding independence of the Auditor General’s office? — Zaheena Rasheed (@ZaheenaR) November 26, 2014 “

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@ibriffath: ” High Court has just accepted the constitutional petition filed by Auditor-General Niyaz Ibrahim re: Audit Act. — Ibrahim Riffath (@ibriffath) November 26, 2014 “

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@MDPnews: ” Male’ City councilun dhemundhaa hidhumaiythah vagutheegothun huttaalaifi http://ift.tt/1ASlmDp — MDP News (@MDPnews) November 26, 2014 “

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@MickailNaseem: ” List of MDP MPs who betrayed the nation; voted in favour of appointing a PPM puppet as Auditor General: http://ift.tt/1v9GyQC — Mickail Naseem (@MickailNaseem) November 24, 2014 “

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@RKKrishnan: ” Getting emotion into #GMR being thrown out of #Maldives does no one any good. There are specific clauses, including #Singapore arbitration — R.K.Radhakrishnan (@RKKrishnan) November 25, 2014 “

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@RKKrishnan: ” This one is new: #China and #Maldives are neighbours!! http://t.co/SrDmexTAGN — R.K.Radhakrishnan (@RKKrishnan) November 25, 2014 “

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@Lucasjalyl: ” @Raajje_tv Mee kon haasaru bondi eh? Kaleymen adeeb ah vikijje kan emmenah ingey. Raa tv. https://t.co/rMfACXjqGI http://ift.tt/1FmdUA6 — Lucas nasheed (@Lucasjalyl) November 25, 2014 “

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