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@EbraUsuff: ” @sharaff @Ahmed_Adeeb I m agree with you Sharaf. In democracy dialogue is important first, but @ShimranAb is acting like a Jihadist. β€” E b r a (@EbraUsuff) April 30, 2015 “

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@2deadfish: ” @AlimanikDhonbe @sharaff hehehe. Assumptions.. β€” The Two Dead Fish (@2deadfish) April 28, 2015 “

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@AishathSleena: ” @sharaff nicely said.. nd da whole society z to respect these money craved pple.. πŸ˜‚ lol πŸ˜‚ β€” Nanna M.Wahyd (@AishathSleena) April 27, 2015 “

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@flyosity: ” If you record yourself saying “Apple”, the waveform is the Voice Memos icon. http://ift.tt/1DESICg β€” Mike Rundle (@flyosity) April 23, 2015 “

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“ahurenge nazarugai mi gathulu” #DrAfrasheem (Sandhaanu.com)

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@iamMMX: ” @sharaff well said, Bro.. Hus boa huttas kamaku nudhaane, Ethereiga vaa Sikundee ge ves beinun kuran jehei, Hithah aruvan jehei musthaqbal. β€” Muhamad Muaz -Xinthi (@iamMMX) April 11, 2015 “

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@sigey: ” @sharaff april fool perhaps? β€” sigey (@sigey) March 31, 2015 “

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