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@zampsedem: @sharaff cool updates dude!!


@anuahsa: @sharaff he admitted didn’t have support for the rally. Tomorrow might call for jihad against those who didn’t how up to his xenophobic show

@zampsedem: @sharaff nice rwwts dude!!

@AyshathSaushan: @sharaff lolx..!

@AyshathSaushan: @sharaff mai kamun… Dheen hathiyaar gothu ga abadhu beynun kurany… Pis pis

@Nazeeahmed: @sharaff is he on a camel?

@Shifa2013: @sharaff IS HE INSAN

@Nadhwaan: Hehe.. Old man in podium, heheh @sharaff

@Mahjoob_A: @sharaff exactly, they just need to prove it in a court.. thats it!

@zam_mv: @sharaff the retard speaking Lol