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sharaff: “@AminathSaeed: malaamaaiy kurumaai jessun kurun, islaamee rivethi usoolu #forwardnation my foooot” ASTHAA! THASARRAF OF @Badruddeen


sharaff: @Badruddeen ASTHAAA! BAAGEE WAHEEDH EHENNU @AhmedMahloof @AminathSaeed http://t.co/fFau59C3MV

sharaff: @Badruddeen THAS ARRAF FUDHEY MIVAR @AhmedMahloof @AminathSaeed http://t.co/2I8bzOBylD

sharaff: @ThaufeegAhmed and that he is not accountable? All the years he spent without paying? How does that work? He paid no dime to bank.

sharaff: Apple to live stream #WWDC 2013 event, on their website. Just about 4 hours to go I think.

sharaff: Rumor is that Apple going to revamp iMacs with Haswell CPUs. Intel did show off these processors late last year.

sharaff: @jinahadam I have apple care for iPhone iPad. Not for MacBook Pro/Mac pro. Lol

sharaff: @jinahadam nop. No apple care.

sharaff: @ibujalyl http://t.co/FHB25sXfVZ unhoo @DrWaheedH @shafeeu @2deadfish @Manje

sharaff: @jinahadam yep. Started acting up, first power problem then display. Finally logic board died. That’s cost around 900 $ for repair