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If you want a girl friend (then and now)

These are the 3 things you should probably have if you want a girl friend in Male’

1. A Phone – To call her every now and then. To set the date or arrange the place of the date. To be on time. To be there for her when ever she is in need. Send text messages picture messages to her. To take pictures of both of you together (or her pictures mostly) To play music when she feels bored. Send her credit if she’s got a pre-paid from your post paid.

2. A Vehicle – A motor cycle. Or a car is more preferable. To take her to the office and bring her home. To take her for a coffee or a dinner. To take her for a ride late at night. Roam around male for two to three times on Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu. Basically to be her taxi driver.

3. Money – Obviously one of the most important thing you got to have if you want a girl friend here in Male’. To impress her and make her go out with you. To buy her presents on birthdays anniversaries and other special occasions. To pay for the coffee, the lunch or the dinner. To pay for the holiday trip to a resort or a foreign country. All in all money will be a part of everything you do with her.

You might survive with a girl friend if you have one or two things mentioned above. But if you do not have any of these three things mentioned above, don’t even dream about having a girl friend here in Male’……!!!! OR WAIT… until their mind evolve to want something you’ve got. (might be something sane next time)

So its like….

Social respect, higher social ranking, high class people like “beyfulhun” “ganduvaru therey saahibun” “fandithaverin” “valeeverin” and “all those shit” Or people who have houses, a fishing boat or people who have a lot of coconut palms maybe.
A car or a motor cycle. An expensive phone. A lot of money.


Maybe more educated people. Degree holders. Phd holders. Professionals. Creative people. Intellectual people. Innovative people. People with a better understanding and a higher IQ level. Or might it not be the chance for a free thinker like me?