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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Be above the influence, no below it.

I was once told that “seeing is believing”. I kind of agree. I said kind of because there are situations that we cannot control, don’t want to go to depths with that subject.

For example if you  chat or hear someone’s voice then all day-night we think about that words or voice. After some time we become habituated of it. Hence we accept that person as our lover or beloved. To how many this has happened? I wonder. It depends on person, some people may fall in love with someone without actually seeing them, whether these relationships survive the real encounter is a different ball game all together, the imaginary picture may not be same as real one, thus creating problem.

The other side is also there. You meet this very person you never have met, but have talked, chat. When you meet, hmm…comes the “look” factor. Ye, it counts among many. Although there are some that this is not much of a matter to think of. As for me, looks are superficial. Mind you, all have our own perceptions, it differs. What I mean is, for some it is the physical attraction which matters. Others, the person it self. Because sometimes, the way you talk, the way you talk, reflects your personality.

Certainly you can fall in love without seeing him/her….when you don’t see him/her u actually fall in love with his/her talks & you make his/her own image in your mind..it is actually that our opinion & thinking match with other person whether we see him/her or no.

Now I have to say I admit that it is better to explore about him or her before talking about love, other wise it is not love but foolishness.

Do I regret? I keep it for myself.  Just  trying to be above the influence, not below it.


could this be love?

— from sharaff(?)


If you only knew
What I’ve been going through
Waiting and wanting you
Could this be love
Oh, tell me could this be love

Do you know if it’s true
That real love lasts a lifetime
Does it shine like the stars up in the sky
And do you know if you can fall for
Just a moment
Is a moment for all time
Why, why am I so unsure
Is that love knocking at my door
Or the sound of my beating heart
If you could read my mind
You know I just can’t hide
What I feel inside

by JLo (Could this be love)

Its been a while I have been listening to it. Often. More. So I wanted to bring it here. And guess lil’ Madonna hears it too.