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Monthly Archives: May 2013

sharaff: RT @aappe: @sharaff http://t.co/jit1MmoK2w


sharaff: “@aappe: @sharaff http://t.co/7wBUlN6H7M” Thanks man. Never fails to surprise us, they try.

sharaff: urrrm what is this suppose to mean? Or it’s another fake? http://t.co/8ymfkAnAtn

sharaff: @ibramandhu http://t.co/VPQklcOeYE @meekaaku @2deadfish @alifulhu_ii @SuhaAishath @hsuood @shafeeu

sharaff: A Starbucks cafe in Hong Kong’s posh financial district used water from a tap near a urinal to brew coffee! FTW http://t.co/mdcZDyG9KR

sharaff: @abdullafathyn both, man. Polished. @2deadfish

sharaff: @2deadfish got a picture? I don’t even know the guy. But the video he stealind http://t.co/pzclDXNudK one of the most watched on my channel.

sharaff: @2deadfish is he a Qasim campaigner as well?

sharaff: @2deadfish ehehe. I have to look for those tweets, someone tried to prove he is not the man he used to be. :P

sharaff: @NzRv dhebas vun huttas campaign hama MDP ah :)